Department Profile

Department of Freshman Engineering enfolds the faculty of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Environmental Sciences. Faculty members of the department are well experienced in their respective areas, active participations in R&D with research publications in reputed National and International Journals. The Department is actively involving in the early development of student’s personality, commu nication and soft skills to boost them in the modern and globally competitive environment. The faculty members of the department are dynamic and carry out towards all the activities of the institution. Department is committed to serve the needs of various branches in engineering by fostering an effective Teaching-Learning Environment. The unique strength of the department is the excellent coordination in carrying out the academic responsibilities. The department includes State-of-the-Art laboratories and advanced department library facilities. The unique features and strategies to enhance the fundamental knowledge in basic sciences and mathematics pave an identity with the programmes CE, EEE, ME, ECE and CSE.

Goals of the Department

Short Term Goals

  • Preparing students as budding Engineers to embark on a journey towards innovation and invention.
  • Promoting freedom of thought, expression and encourages a sense of quest.
  • To prepare students for careers across a broad range of Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Technology Disciplines.

Long Term Goals

  • To mould the students through methodological teaching and modern ICT tools with the goal to prepare them to core Engineering Subjects.
  • Bring intellectual thinking and individuality into student�s mind which is vital for Engineering Courses.

Head of the Department


Associate Professor

HoD, Dept. of FED

Dr P. R. SOBHANA BABU is an Associate Professor and Head of the Freshman Engineering Department. He did his Master’s Applied Mathematics and Doctoral degree in Fluid Dynamics from Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur. He has 17 years of teaching and ten years of research experience. He has published several research papers in reputed journals. He attended many National and International Seminars, Conferences and presented papers. He delivered many guest lectures at various reputed organizations


To emerge as a Centre of excellence offering high quality Technical Education and Research Opportunities to learners and also develop complete personality of graduates with good communication, discipline, lifelong learning, leadership qualities, ethics and global standards there by making them professionally deft and intellectually adept to contribute for the advancement of environment and society.


To impart high quality technical education by providing the state-of-the art infrastructure, core instruction and well experienced and qualified faculty. To develop highly motivated engineering professionals with good knowledge, communication skills, human and ethical values, requisite skills and competence. To produce highly successful graduates who can contribute to the profession to resolve the societal and environmental issues in the society.


PEO 1: Apply analysis, design, optimization and implementation skills in order to formulate and solve Computer Science and Engineering and multidisciplinary problems.
PEO 2: Take up higher studies, research & development and other creative efforts in Computer Science & Technology.
PEO 3: Use their skills in ethical & professional manner to raise the satisfaction level of stake holders with good communication skills and leadership qualities.
PEO 4: Engage in life-long learning and professional development to adapt to rapidly changing work environment.
PEO 5: Utilize innovative and advanced technology that would enhance the research skills that would best benefit the ever changing industrial demands and societal needs.

PSO 1 : Ability to understand principles and working of computer by knowing key concepts of hardware and software. Analyze real time problems, design algorithms and develop methodologies & software applications for problem solving.
PSO 2 : Ability to understand the structure and development methodologies of software systems. Possess professional skills and knowledge of software design process. Familiarity and practical competence with a broad range of programming language and open source platforms.
PSO 3 : Motivated to identify research gaps and provide solutions by inculcating innovative ideas & using modern tools. Passion for higher studies & lifelong learning.

PSO 1 : Specialised Skills: An ability to design and develop software projects as well as to analyze and test user requirements.
PSO 2 : Research – Smart cities: An ability to emerge as best researcher to communicate learned software skills with the real world to show and achieve the smart cities with environment conscious.